Latest Arrivals

Now in store:

Breeding Pair  Blue Front Lorikeets. $500

Breeding Pair Pearly Conures $600

Breeding Pair of Alexandrines $550

Cinnamon Princess Parrots $250 each

Blue Princess Parrots $85

Handreared Sun Conures $450 each

  • Plum Head Parrots Breeding Pairs $350 a pair
  • Handreared Lorikeets  From $250 each
  • Lutino Rainbow lorikeet cock bird $800
  • Scaley Breasted cross Musk Lorikeets $100
  • Gouldian Finches  $45 each
  • Zebra Finches $5 each
  • Canaries from $30
  • Green Quaker Pairs x 2 $400 a pair
  • Blue Quakers $250 each
  • Slaty Headed Parrot Pair $400
  • Fischer Lovebirds $50 each
  • Rosa Bourkes $50 each
  • Young Plumhead Parrots $100
  • Olive Indian Ringnecks $80 each
  • Budgies $25
  • Cockatiels from $40
  • .Taking orders for hand reared Quakers,  Lorikeets, and Ecelctus Parrots.


All Puppies are Vet Checked, Microchipped, Vaccinated and wormed.


Our Puppies are fed on Advance dog food.  We stock a large range of Advance Pet food.  We will match any special on Advance pet food on the Border!

Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Now in Store:

  • Guinea Pigs now available
  • Dwarf lop eared rabbits


Tropical & Coldwater Fish

New Stock arriving weekly.  Large range from goldfish to cichlids! and all tropical fish.  Plenty of plants for your aquarium also.  Marine fish can be ordered at your request!!


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